“…I think in the next decade though, Africa will feature a lot more globally aware and progressive young leaders who demand more of their nation, their communities and themselves; and I will definitely be one of them.”- E. A. Gamor (Me)

In a Google Africa Connected video speaking on Mpwr (an edutainment radio show/labor of love project to uplift Accra’s entrepreneurship and fledgling tech ecosystem, with Amma Aboagye), I spoke about the renaissance in thinking and approach for growth and professional development of young Africans on the back of the Africa Rising narrative. I didn’t realize I was charting a course for my own journey and publicly declaring a pact to hold others, and myself accountable, in building our continent with a global + local perspective in mind.

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A colleague at African Leadership College , where I recently joined the Entrepreneurial Leadership faculty to facilitate classes for our freshman, sent my very words to me in a Whatsapp message yesterday. An apt reminder of what my younger self saw as Africa’s potential and my tacit agreement to help deliver on this very promise. Grateful that I was reminded to share and start my musings on my first Medium post with these thoughts and expressions.#MyAudacityOfHope #WordsOfAffirmation #GamorLegacy

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