Covid-19 #CoronaVirus & Remote Working

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor
3 min readMar 16, 2020

Small & Medium-sized businesses and organizational support: Remote Working session

FREE remote work consultation for your team, kindly fill out the form so we understand your needs and assist you during this time: sign-up here

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WHAT: Thanks to the advent of Covid-19 or Coronavirus, numerous governments and organizations have mandated a new playbook in our lives which will require us to work remotely.

All businesses, including SME’s, NGO’s and functional groups need to communicate seamlessly with team members who will not physically see each other for weeks to months. Starting off with many FREE platforms that require sign-up and on-boarding we aim to get you and your team going immediately to mitigate productivity lapses during this time. #Covid19 #Coronavirus

Edit: since the first iteration of this article I started a podcast and featured Kim Ofori, ScaleUp Consultant as one of the first guests, listen to what she has to say about remote work for organizations here.

🎙Unpacking Africa — Ecosystems & Figuring sh*t out.

“So although it’s always preferable to establish clear remote work policies and training in advance in times of crises or other rapidly changing circumstances; this level of preparation may not be feasible. And, recent developments have left many employees and their managers working out of the office and separated from each other for the very first time. Fortunately, there are specific research-based steps that managers can take without great effort to improve the engagement and productivity of remote employees; even when there’s little time to prepare.”- Kim Ofori

Full episode on Google Podcasts or Spotify search “Unpacking Africa.”

WHO: I am digital professional and social entrepreneur that has worked remotely and collaboratively with local, regional, multi-national partners across the global for over a decade. From collaborative platforms for sharing, work-stream flow and execution strategy even for non-profits and social enterprises. #RemoteWork #Digital #Online LinkedIn(projects listings) here.

WHY: Honestly I don’t know how to not be pro-active and jump in in any way to pitch-in to challenges and community challenges with my resources, in-kind contribution and lately with skills I have honed and mastered.

In as much as I have engaged, lectured and participated in many face-to-face courses and events, I have also curated online Digital Expertise and learning modules with the University of Stellenbosch Exec-Ed (more soon) and also engage with most of you, you guessed it online! When you read this, you may kindly share the Google Form link & Slide deck link.

JOIN: Others with skills who are willing and able to share to the folks who request assistance, kindly email let’s get it.

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