Our ancestors’ wildest dreams

Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor
3 min readMay 26, 2021


Reflections on Africa Day.

“We Are our ancestors’ wildest dreams, but we don’t know that unless we learn what our ancestors went through.” — Monita K. Bell

Leading up to Africa Day 2021, I had the once-in-a-lifetime joy of surprising my mother, Rev. Muriel on her return visit to Ghana after 25 years of being away. It has been incredibly emotional to experience my mom reconnect with her country of birth after making so many sacrifices for our family. For her, our college education in the United States was paramount. In spite of leaving the continent first with two young children, and then became four young kids she preserved and has also built a community ministry.

Muriel, Esaaba, Emmanuel Gamor Golden Tulip Hotel Accra, May 22nd, 2021.

Being the oldest, with three younger sisters the weight of the responsibilities and sacrifices by our parents and by extension, our ancestors has never been lost on me. Never shying away from the mantle to circle back in building a world that validates our experiences, from the African and especially, respected everywhere else in the world.

Every year, Muriel and I align on a shared mantra. This year, in spite of the challenges and trauma of the global pandemic, the mission is to be intentional in carrying on the torch and momentum of our forebearers had to have the audacity to co-create these dreams.

I am incredibly blessed that I get to witness my mother relive, and share the dreams I was too young to fully understand; also to create new ones that exceed our wildest ones. Even as she takes the time to honor her own mother and father on her return journey.

Be well, be safe, be loved.


My mother was one of the founding staff members of the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra Ghana when it first opened about 30 years ago, joined some of the early staff members present who were gracious to take a few pictures with her.

Muriel Vanderpuye, Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra Ghana

image credit: Sylvester Darku, Team Black Image

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