My gratitude to the Weekend Dawn crew: Jacob Moshokoa + Liezle Wilson for the invitation to the Newzroom 405 studios. I had the chance to touch on the African Union’s passport initiaitive, Agenda 2063, South Africa’s 🇿🇦 President Cyril Ramaphoza and the soon-to-be operationalized AfCFTA secretariat in Ghana 🇬🇭(congrats to Wamkele Mene) & the case for us all to be able to travel & trade across our beautiful African continent 🌍.

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Full video 🎥 here:

Weekend Dawn on Newzroom Afrika with Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor, president Unpacking Africa industry 4.0

More on our daily grind & work hashtag#LeapfrogAfrica hashtag#WorldWeShape

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