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3 min readMar 30, 2021

The pursuit of collaborative success.

At the sidelines of the last World Economic Forum on Africa in 2019 B.C. (Before Coronavirus), my good friend and newly appointed Heavy Chef Foundation chair, Lukhanyo Neer introduced me to Fred Roed & the crew. This multi-stakeholder dialogue and the months-prior Davos conference on “Achieving a Single African Market” affirmed my establishing of the research and management consulting firm, Unpacking Africa 4.0 #WEF #AfricaWeWant

Thabo Mbeki Foundation & Heavy Chef 4th Industrial Revolution in Education report launch & panel discussion

My Chumy, Lukha convinced me to moderate a Thabo Mbeki Foundation curated phenomenal panel around education and the 4th Industrial Revolution (South Africa’s context) as part of a reflective report his team and my edu Kanea co-founder, Zinhle Mkhabela authored. #Education #Kanea #4IR #AfricaWeWant #DSYInspireSessions

H.E. Thabo Mbeki, ministers, dignitaries, panelists, and Heavy Chef guests. #DSYInspireSeries

Fast-forward to an exploratory partnership between Heavy Chef x Unpacking Africa podcast during Covid-19 imposed lockdown now 2020; moderating conversations with former president H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo on the promise of industrialized agriculture at-scale in Africa, Brenthurt Foundation’s Prof. Greg Mills lessons learned from his book The Asian Aspiration to engagement with pre-billion-dollar-valuation of GB Agboola’s Flutterwave, futurists Dion Chang & the erudite Brownyn Williams on what is next in tech & beyond; and other phenomenal guests. #UnpackingAfrica #HeavyChef

Heavy Chef recipe loading…#CollaborativeSuccess

Over this weekend, it has been a privilege to honor Heavy Chef’s invitation to share my recipe on a professional (and in some ways personal) life-hack on fostering, engaging with, and participating in relevant “Communities.”

May you find communities that support you.

May you engage with communities that validate you.

May you be enamored by communities that embrace you.

May you be vulnerable to find communities that challenge you.

Ultimately, may you be open to the unexpected opportunities that local, regional and international communities avail to you.

Heavy Chef crew Fred, Zsuzsa, Randall & Gamor

If you are looking to plug into a leading community of entrepreneurs from South Africa to the world, check out my peoples and our recipes. #Community #EliuGift #TeachGamor #GamorLegacy

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“Your work is your own private megaphone to tell the world what you believe.” — Simon Sinek

Be well, be safe, be loved.

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